New Zealand White Water Rafting Adventures

Fun, scenic and safe white water rafting, North Island

Rafting New Zealand white water rafting adventures include some of the most awarded white water rafting New Zealand has to offer.

Our experienced ‘Kiwi’ raft guides will fit you in state-of-the-art gear to ensure comfort and safety, setting you up for an adventure of a lifetime. We offer trips on some of the most popular spots for white water rafting, North Island.
At Rafting New Zealand, a passion for providing unique experiences permeates through everything we do. If you’re considering white water rafting, North Island ’s rafting capital, Turangi near Taupo, is the place to come. This is the base for nearby Tongariro river rafting trips, and also for our further afield more adventurous Wairoa rafting.

As a family business operating for over 20 years, we not only have intimate knowledge of key New Zealand white water rafting rivers, resulting in an exceptional safety record, but also the most contemporary raft base facilities in the country.

Experience the “Thrill of white water rafting North Island – kiwi Style”.

Rafting New Zealand Adventure Centre

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Kia Ora (welcome) to the RNZ Adventure Centre – “your ultimate traveler’s hub” and gateway to Lake Taupo’s extensive array of adventure activities.

With fantastic facilities, exceptional service & awesome adventures – if you’re looking for adventure, then this is where you’ll find it. We also offer packages for team building activities and school trips.

We provide friendly expert information on all the worthwhile adventure options in and around the Lake Taupo region. The centre’s stress-free bookings, free WiFi, mobile device charging outlets, comfy seating and superb Espresso Coffee attract travelers time and again during their stay in New Zealand.

Tongariro White Water

3 Hour Canopy Tour

Raft/Whitewater Kayak Combo

Raft/Lake Kayak Combo

Raft/Fly Fish Combo

Raft/Tongariro Crossing Combo

Raft/Scenic Flight Combo

Raft/Sail Combo

Raft/Jet Boat Combo

Raft/Skydive Combo

Taupo’s Floatplane – Western Bay Explorer

Fly Fishing

6D Adventure Cinema

Kayak to the Maori Carvings

Tongariro Crossing Taupo Return Shuttle

Water Touch Bungy

Skydive Taupo 15,000 FT Skydive

Rapids Jet

Sail Barbary to the Carvings

At the Rafting New Zealand Adventure Centre’s, you can get friendly information and book the following adventures; Remember we only promote and sell the very best operators and activities –

  1. White Water Rafting on the Tongariro River (Taupo/Turangi – Grade 2 and 3)
  2. White Water Rafting on the Mohaka River (Taupo/Napier/Hastings – Grade 2 and 3)
  3. White Water Rafting on the Kaituna River (Rotorua – Grade 4-5)
  4. White Water Rafting on the  Wairoa River (Taupo/Tauranga – Grade 5)
  5. White Water Kayaking on the Tongariro River (Taupo/Turangi – Grade 2 and 3)
  6. Lake Taupo Kayaking to the Maori Rock Carvings (Taupo)
  7. Stream Kayaking (Taupo and Turangi)
  8. Sailing on Lake Taupo to the Maori Rock Carvings (Taupo)
  9. Lake Fishing (Taupo)
  10. Fly Fishing Adventures on the Tongariro River and other local rivers (Taupo and Turangi)
  11. Tongariro Alpine Crossing Transport and Guiding (Taupo and Turangi)
  12. Skydive (Taupo)
  13. Bungy Jump and Giant Swing (Taupo)
  14. Jet Boat the Rapids (Taupo)
  15. Scenic Flights (Taupo)
  16. Mountain Bike Adventures (Taupo/Turangi and the Central Plateau)
  17. 6D Adventure Cinema